Run the Nest, Rule the Roost

I’ve been blogging for a few months now, and as with most things, I am easily- and swiftly- taken with the next step.  The new experience.  The greater challenge.

Therefore it should not surprise anyone that though I finally feel I’m barely keeping my head above shark-infested waters somewhat adept at this whole experience, I am also unavoidably drawn to the myriad possibilities swimming about my head on a daily basis some of which are definitely sharks in disguise that want to eat me alive.

Ergo, this blog.

It was recently brought to my attention* that I haven’t exactly fulfilled the promise of blog #1.  Run it Off was intended to reflect my passions for running and writing (with a little ranting thrown in for good measure), but gradually the running took center stage and posts about writing took a back seat.  One of the empty ones beside Edith at Matthew and Mary’s wedding (or her own, for that matter).

[WARNING!!  If you’re a Downton fan here in the States, do not watch this video past 2:30!  HUGE SPOILER!!]

But never mind Edith.

Moving on…

Clearly it is time to give my writing its due.  And its own blog.  So here we are.  Hopefully I’ve learned enough running my first blog to alight from that cozy little nest and make a second home here in the roost.  Time will tell.

One thing I can promise you: the only running I’ll be doing here, is rampant.

*If you’re at all familiar with Run it Off, you can probably guess the source of this criticism rather quickly.  If not, allow me to introduce you.

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5 thoughts on “Run the Nest, Rule the Roost

  1. I love a good challenge – best of luck with your new blog 😀

  2. I’m coming to the party. Where’s the beer!

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