About the Roost

I’ve been a writer all my life.

Years have passed, and phases, passions begun and dissipated…

The story remains.

So too, its lessons.

I find myself now, here, weaving a jumbled little haven from the thickets

I live, see, and know.

Framing a tapestry of discovery

And hoping, if I’ve writ them right,

The branches fuse and hold.

And sometimes, just now and then, as I shift for purpose and for light,

I encounter something bright and mesmerizing.

A glint of flash and shine.

I tuck it into my collection, nestled tight beside the humdrum

– Where radiance speaks strongest –

and set the whole aflight.

Now for the prose version.

I like to write, and this is where I launch my writing into the world.  Some of it is good.  If all goes well, odds and ends of the good all tacked together serve as foil for the great, which I hope you’ll find here, too.

Did you get all that the first time around?

Please do enjoy the blog, which won’t always be this enigmatic.  I promise.


8 thoughts on “About the Roost

  1. That’s a pretty slick piece you put together there!

  2. T.W. Dittmer brought me over here. I like it already! 😀

  3. Promises promises. 🙂

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